I’ve had a product idea for a golf club weight for a long while that I had already proto-typed. My questions for SCORE centered on how to renew my patent and when to move the proto-type into production. I needed a strong business plan that stated my financial case. So I turned to Mid Shore SCORE for help.


My initial introduction to Mid Shore was a phone call to John Franke, chairman. He spoke to me not only about my needs, but also about what his organization could do for me. John assigned Bud Cass as my Mid-Shore mentor, to take my business plan to the next level. John also addressed funding for my plan and put me in touch with a banker who works with start-ups. I would also like to credit Ellen Clark who was instrumental in coordinating inter-actions between John, Bud and me. Although my outcome was not as successful as I had hoped, I am thankful for the guidance provided by the Mid-Shore SCORE team.


If you have a start-up or an established business in Maryland’s Mid Shore region, I highly recommend you give their SCORE chapter a call. They have the team that will get the job done.

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